Monday, February 8, 2016

Submit Personal Writing #1
by Friday Feb 12th
and Personal Writing #2
by Friday Feb 19th

Current Work: Personal Writing
Show me you can write in a colourful, entertaining way,
in an informal tone. You can write about something that
really happened to you or someone you know,
or you can make something up.

Assignment Specifics
Do four of these. Try out each of the Format Styles.
For your first story, use Format #1: Story Style exactly
For your second, use Format #2: Essay style exactly.
For your third, use Format #3: Internet Content exactly.
For your fourth story, use your choice of the three.

Stories have:
1. Setup
2. The Event
3. Aftermath/Result

Show me you can write using that structure.
This means a minimum of three paragraphs per story.
In informal writing, paragraphs can be only a couple of
sentences long. In the case of dialogue, each time the
speaker changes, you hit Enter another time.
Demonstrate proper use of paragraphs, sentences, capitals
and punctuation.

Past Work
Past Work
Marking Date Title of the Assignment Specifics as to the assignment.