Format #2: Essay Style

Features: Times New Roman Size 12 (a paper-friendly serif font), indented paragraphs with straight left and right margins, and in-paragraph parenthetical notes when quoting.
(some other formats involve endnotes at the end of the paper, or footnotes at the bottom of each page)
Double-spaced, to hark back to the days when teachers needed room to write on your work with bright red pen.
Cover sheet or info at the top of the first page. Auto-page-numbering in case you write 25 pages and the prof drops it down the stairs.

To do your Works Cited page, use an online citation maker like BibMe or Citation Machine, choosing MLA for English classes, and APA or Chicago for all other classes.
If you would like the full, University-grade details as to MLA and Chicago and APA and so on, check out Purdue University's web content on it.

Template: You can load this in Word and just replace the text with your own. Easy!

Instructions: You can load this to see the instructions. If my marking says "You missed instruction #2,5 and 7,"
this is where to check what I'm talking about.